Dark mode for iOS 13?

Hi LingQ team,

Will you guys be adding support for the new beautiful Dark Mode in iOS 13, so that all of our eyes can save a little bit of strain? :wink:

Thank you!


I second this :slight_smile:

Yes, we will. :slight_smile: Dark mode is already available on the Android app and will be available on the iOS app soon too.


Awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

Is there an iOS beta we can sign up for by any chance? I’d actually be glad to help LingQ find bugs since I am a full-time Chinese student and use LingQ as my primary language learning app.

How do you get to the dark mode on Android app?

Actually a new Android app version, with the Dark Mode included, will be released today.

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I hope it is released really soon on the iOS! It is so important for a reading based app.

Yeah, is there any estimate as to when the update will be released?

The current LingQ app is extremely unstable on iPadOS 13.1.2, it crashes at least ten times per hour for me. I could be creating a new LingQ or even just going back to a previous page and the app will crash.

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Is there any news on when the LingQ app will be updated to fix all of the iOS 13 crashes?

Dark Mode support would be great too but I’d much rather not have my app crash every ten minutes lol.

Thank you!

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@EdwinFinch according to our crash logs the latest iOS version is actually very stable. Can you give us a bit more information about the issues you are experiencing? If you can help us reproduce the problem that would be great.

The Dark mode is work in progress, we are working on new app version, but it won’t be available for some time yet

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The behaviour is not predictable - sometimes it crashes when making new LingQs, sometimes it crashes when answering flashcards, sometimes it crashes when opening a new lesson. It seems that the crashes have something to do with LingQs but I can’t reproduce it reliably.

All I know is that when I am in a dedicated study session the app crashes every ten to fifteen minutes (it’s not like it’s timed, but I go through a certain amount of LingQs/flashcards per minute on average, so after that much time I’ve gone through so many LingQs and it then crashes).

I have turned on send developer crashes in iPadOS settings, so I know that my crash data should be reaching you. I’d also be happy to send you my feedback with the logs again through the app if you need me to - just let me know.

(And yes, I have tried reinstalling)

Thank you!

Thanks Edwin, will check this further with out iOS developer and let you know.

@Edwin Another question, we need to be sure. Is the app crashing hard for you and not just freezing? We can’t see any crash reports, so we are wondering does it maybe “only” freeze, since that’s not actually considered as crash and we don’t get a report.

The app is exiting unexpectedly, yes.

I am a developer too, so you can be sure I’m using the same terminology as you guys (I also have gone on wild goose chases when someone said the app “crashes” when it is actually just frozen lol).

I am done studying for today but I will record my iPad in its usual study session tomorrow for you guys and send the video over.

I remember back ween I developed iOS apps, it would oftentimes take a day or two for crash reports to come in through Apple’s crash reporting system. I ended up using Fabric within all of my apps to get nearly instantaneous crash reports.

If you guys are already using Fabric or another crash reporting system, I would find it quite odd that my reports are not getting through.

However if you’re using Apple’s (slow) crash reporting system, I would not be surprised if no crashes were showing up. I used to experience the same thing. In fact, for one whole build of our app, Fabric showed a few crashes but Apple’s crash reporting system showed literally nothing until we published a new version.

Just giving you guys food for thought for the evening :wink:

Thanks for being so diligent in trying to figure out this issue!