How can i get my lessons in Danish?

I guess people are using the Norwegian slot for Danish?

@ Per: How can i get my lessons in Danish?

LingQ does not officially support Danish, so there are no lessons in Danish on this site. Members who are studying Danish have to upload their own lessons into a slot for another language. As Jay_B suggests, some use the Norwegian slot for uploading Danish lessons. Though you could use any other available language slot (except Chinese, Japanese or Korean) for Danish.

For help in importing your own lessons, see the Help section. Hover your cursor over Lessons [at the left near the top of the page], click on Import, then click Help at the top right of the page.

I think Per would like to have Danish translations for the exisiting lessons, since Danish is his mother tongue, not a study language…
Of course, since Danish is not a supported language, there are no translations into Danish either.
To have Danish added, you can go here (https://www.facebook.com/questions/10150249705278786/) and vote for it. When it gets 1,000 votes it will be added. (Please, if you want to vote at that poll, also vote for the other European languages!)
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