Danish speaker open to recording audio for me?

Hello all.

I’m learning Danish and I’d like to personalise my learning as much as possible. So I have the idea of writing little texts on a daily basis, correcting them online, and then, whenever possible, have a native record themselves saying the correct version so I can then import that audio into LingQ and practice.

I imagine this has been done before. Is there an official way to go about finding a volunteer? Or is this forum the best?

Thank you! Mange tak!

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Have you tried the Danish AI voices from Elevenlabs?

Thanks to your reply I have, yes! Such cool potential.
No more excuses for not putting in the work.
Are you using ElevenLabs?

No, but I had considered using it to read texts in Japanese. I would like to know the opinion of someone who is using it for language learning :slight_smile:

I have a friend from Roskilde who teaches Danish, sure they´d be interested.