Danish pronunciation

I am wondering: What have other LingQers found that has helped them take Danish pronunciation to a comprehensible (to native speakers) level? I have learned to pronounce Spanish, French, German, Greek and Chinese at a level where native speakers can usually understand me, but Danish is proving very challenging. Is shadowing/copying native speakers combined with watching YouTube videos on pronunciation, and following suggestions from them, likely to work? If so, I am willing to put in some persistent effort. I am guessing that this approach would be worthwhile, but I’m looking for feedback from more experienced learners.

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Hi :slight_smile: I am actually not learning Danish. I am a Dane. I was born in Denmark and have lived here for all of my life. I am 28. My dad and my two half brothers are from Yugoslavia. The part that is now Croatia. They came to Denmark in 1991. They all speak Danish very well today. I know my dad practised Danish a lot with my brothers in the beginning by listening to Danish cassette tapes. :wink: I know a lot has changed since that time, but I am sure listening and trying to pronounce words as native speakers helped them a lot. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the encouragement! I’ll keep it up.

Danish people´s singing voices are massively different to their speaking voices, it is bizarre. Listen to their singing and try to emulate that, it is much easier.