Damaged imported pubs

I have two imported E-pubs that have flaws, and I am wondering if I should re-import them.

  1. One was a Kindle import that was supposedly broken into 18 chunks. But when a run the Continuing Studying Course listing the lesson segments, some pieces are missing. Specifically, 1, 3, 5, 8, and 18.
  2. I have another Kindle import that was parsed correctly (so all of the parts are there), and the text is fine. But I ran the Generate Lesson Audio process on segments 1 through 13, and none of them came out right. The audio output may not run at all on some; other times it starts but then freezes. Sometimes it is just garbled.

If I re-do the import will this resolve these gaps?


Any suggestions on what I can do to correct these documents? Should I re-import them?

Please give it a try. You can also try converting them to PDF format and then try importing.

I deleted the course and re-imported it as an epub. I tested the result and it worked fine. So it appears to be resolved now. Thanks.

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