" dairy cream " or " fresh cream " are English?

What do you call the cream you use when you cook and bake ? In my Japanese -English dictionary says " fresh cream/dairy cream " .
Are they correct English ? My friend used " dairy cream " in her writing at a website and native speakers didn’t get her and asked her " what kind of cream did you use ?“. We have " clotted cream " " sour cream " " whipping cream " at supermarkets. I knew you have " light cream " and " heavy cream” in the U.S. Please tell me if " dairy cream " and " fresh cream " make sense.

Thank you.

Dairy cream is certainly correct English. At one time all cream came milk giving animals (cows, goats, buffalo, reindeer, etc.) but now there is artificial cream made from oils that are flavored (vanilla, hazelnut, etc.) that are made for use in coffee in America (and maybe other countries). So, the use of the expression “dairy cream” is specifically cream from milk-giving animals. In the USA that would mean from cows and goats.

Fresh cream should only refer to cream that came recently from an animal and has not been processed, though I have heard it used to refer to cream in general. If it has been processed, it cannot be “fresh”, that is, “new.”

Thank you prancousa! It was very helpful :slight_smile:


May I ask you one more ? Can dairy cream be one of the ingredients in recipes ? What do you call cream you use when you make a dish like cream pasta ?

Thank you , Enrigo for your help !

there is thickened cream, which has gelatine in it. This is what is most commonly used in cooking, and is whipped/beaten to make fluffy and stiff for putting on desserts.
Pure cream is sometimes used, which is exactly that- pure cream.

I have never heard the term dairy cream- all the cream we use is dairy. It might be ‘correct’ but i’ve never heard the term. I’m an Australian, but… might be different elsewhere.

There is mock cream, however. That is made of sugar and other things, and is used by cheap bakeries for use in pastries. Horrible stuff!!

For things like savory recipes, you shouldn’t have to specify, unless you wanted double cream or something…

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