[Daily streak pop up] so sick of these, can I turn it off?

[update: yes! See comments]
These pop ups and the associated “motivation“ schemes (coins, daily goal) annoy me. The forced pop up notification literally gets in the way of studying. I can’t find a way to switch them off. Or disable the daily goal.


I agree, I’d love to get rid of all of the childish nonsense like that but I don’t think you can.


Just found it accidentally! “Streak and milestones pop ups” in the “reader” section of settings.


Interesting, i don’t have that as an option on my tablet or computer.

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Yep, it is not on the pc. I would really like to switch this off or even replace it with a less intrusive signal, like changing the icon that shows progress for an empty circle to a circle containing “1x, 2x etc.”.

I agree that some people may wish to turn off this function but I think it’s a bit much to call it ‘childish nonsense’. My streak is 916 days and is one of the big motivators for me. If I miss a day I might as well miss a week, or a month - and as I’m learning Arabic from scratch the key is consistency and the daily pop up keeps me going one day at a time.


No one’s saying to remove the functionality but have the ability to turn it off for those that don’t need that motivation.


It’s not yet available on all platforms, but will be.

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I like streaks and word count but not pop-ups. I’d like wordcounto to be a live always-displayed number. A bit of choosing what you see would be great.

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Wouldn’t a non-intrusive icon lighting up somewhere on the screen when the goal is reached have served the same purpose?

For me, it’s absolutely crucial that I can just read without being bothered. This popup feels like I’m studying in a public library when the most annoying person I know comes up to me as soon as I’m getting into a state of flow, slams his hand on my book and tells me that I’ve been a good student.


Yes I find this constant reminder about streaks really annoying. It’s one of the things that drove me away from DuoLingo.

I’ve turned off notifications where I can but still get a couple of emails a day about streaks. They don’t even seem to be accurate. Some days it counts towards a streak and some days it doesn’t. I’ve no idea what’s going on and just want to turn it off.

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Update: I get it under the General Settings ← ReaderApp Settings on my computer now, so it looks like they updated it:

Hey Zoran could you please fix my daily streak on my Polish language.

Much appreciated for all the work you do.

@MS101 Sure, I took care of it.

I have the setting in my iPad reader, and have turned it off, but STILL get the darn streak broken scolding if I miss a day. I would LOVE to turn that off!