Daily log for content studied?

Is there a daily log of lessons I’ve accessed somewhere available to view on LingQ?

For example, log would say something like:

Sunday 4/21/24
French mini-story #20

Monday 4/22/24:
French mini-story #21

Reason this would be helpful is that I could circle back to those I studied about a week ago and read/listen to them again. Like SRS but for the reading/listening activity, not flashcards.


Sorry, but no. Not available at the moment.

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Okay thanks. I appreciate your quick reply!

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FWIW, though it’s not a common practice among LingQers, I keep a 7.5"x 9" Molekskine journal for my daily work. On the right side I note words and definitions I didn’t know or forgot. On the left side I note phrases and constructions which I didn’t understand and wish to review.

Which may seem old-fashioned and a waste of time. But I believe handwriting things down counts as extra exposure and I have a record of what I read and when. Thus when I do review, the words are linked by more context than just the definitions.

For instance if I’m reading about fishing a mountain stream, the words will be common to that activity.

Seeing my daily work in the journal gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I’ve always enjoyed taking notes. It works for me.


Writing by hand doesn’t just mean additional exposure, but much more. There is a particularly strong connection between the brain and the hand, which is why you remember something handwritten better than something written on the keyboard. The reason for this is believed to be that when writing with the keyboard you simply press keys (albeit different ones), but when writing by hand you make different movements for each letter and each word.
Seen this way, your method is not old-fashioned, but in fact in line with modern brain research.


I’ve read that before and I’ve not tried to run it down to cites, but it makes so much sense intuitively that I don’t doubt it.

I do all my writing on a keyboard, but when it comes to note-taking, I’m old school.

I haven’t tried the big pad and stylus option these days. I can see the advantages for size, storage and search, but I love the feel of pencil and paper so much.

I believe it’s possibly very true, however, I love writing with a keyboard. I always did. That’s why I feel kinda stupid to have realised so late that “writing” should be my job! I used to love my Olivetti lettera 22, or even 35, even if I didn’t know what to write with it, I still loved it. :rofl:

I also like to write by hand, and yes, the connection is something different but I got used to have a quite good connection with the keyboard as well. This is because you need to make stronger your visualisation when you write. But by hand, the process is slower and you pay more attention to details with letters even if you don’t intentionally want to.

One thing that you could do as alternative is to create a course as a playlist that you want to repeat. After that, you can use, each time you open that course, the “last opened” option, like you see in the screenshot attached.
In this way, all your lessons inside that course will be always organised in order of your usage, and you can continuously rotate them without thinking about it. Just pick the last one each time.


@jt23 I’ve been experimenting with a journal and its layout on the page: i like your idea of making use of the right edge for words and the rest on the left for phrases. And the idea of logging them by lesson is smart too. I’ll try all that. Thanks.

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Thanks for this creative idea about using the playlists. I will give it a try too.

And yes, I also love writing with keyboard, but I have observed the benefits of writing by hand, as others describe above.


@mctog To be clear just in case – with the journal open I use the right page for words/definitions and the left page for phrases and sentences I find interesting and want to review.

The Moleskine I use has a softcover and I can fold it in two easily so only one page is available, which means it doesn’t occupy much space on the desk next to my keyboard, mouse and the English book I’m LingQing on the screen.

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