Daily listening goal now 30 minutes instead of 45?

On both the website and the new beta app the daily listening goal just changed from ‘0.8 hours’ (on the site, or 0.75 hours on the app - i.e. 45 minutes), to 0.5 hours (30 minutes), within the past few hours. Since I started the 90-day challenge in Portuguese last week (and reaching the listening goal is always the thing I struggle with the most in these challenges), I’d be very interested to know if this is a permanent change or just some kind of bug. Thanks!

Hi jungleboy,

We did indeed change the listening goal a little while ago - well spotted. This is a permanent change and a welcome one to me too, a fellow LingQer who struggles to meet the listening hours target.


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Cool, I like it :slight_smile:

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Thank goodness, because the 45 mins of listening was always rough with the 90 day challenge. (I’m more of a reading-out-loud guy myself, though listening is also definitely very important)

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I’ve failed to meet Challenge’s goals twice just for this reason alone. Nice change.