Daily Lingqs on iPhone app - tied to email option? too many days displaying?

I’m having a couple issues with the Daily Lingq’s function on the iPhone app. First, do you have to receive the emails in order for them to show up on the iPhone app? I’d love to get them just on the app, so I don’t flood my inbox (I had several languages going at once).

Also, in the iPhone app Info it says I should only be seeing 5 days of Daily Lingq back into the past at a time. But my Spanish Daily Lingqs page shows 15, and I can’t figure out a way to delete the ones I’ve already reviewed.


@jvnmason - The lists will actually be created whether or not you choose to receive the LingQs of the Day emails.

Looks like the Info page is showing old information; I’ve gone in and updated this now. Lists for the last 14 days appear both on the site and in the app, and older lists will automatically be pushed out of the list.

There isn’t currently a way to remove lists that have already been reviewed or mark certain days as having already been reviewed, though this is an interesting suggestion!

Hi Alex,

Thanks for clarifying the 14 days. Currently, for those languages where I have the email checkbox turned off for daily lingqs, it has stopped sending me the new daily lingqs on the iPhone app. But when I turned the emails for Spanish back on, the new day of lingqs appeared again, with a gap corresponding to the days I had the emails turned off. Is it supposed to do that? I currently have Spanish and Swedish emails turned on, and German and French turned off, and receive new daily lingqs on the iPhone only for the first two. My hope is to get the daily lingqs just on the iPhone, not on email. Let me know if you need any info to look at my pages, etc.


@jvnmason - Ah, you’re right. I took a closer look into this and it appears there may be an issue that is preventing the lists from generating properly. I’ll pass this along to our development team who will see what they can do here. Once everything is working again I’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can set up a filter in your email client to automatically archive or delete the LingQs of the Day emails so they don’t flood your inbox!

Thank you for looking into it. I heart Lingq :slight_smile:

@jvnmason - OK, so here is how it works:

(1) In the LingQs of the Day section on the Settings page, make sure the languages you want daily LingQs for are turned on by selecting the number of LingQs you want to receive each day.
(2) In the Mailing Lists section, untick the box next to LingQs of the Day.

This will cause our system to generate the lists, but will prevent you from receiving the lists via email. Instead, they will show up on the site and in the app.

Ok, thanks!