Daily lingqs not working

i am not getting the daily lingqa notification anymore

Do you have Daily LingQs email/notification enabled for your study language under the Notifications page: Login - LingQ ?

Could you please push mine through as well. I have email On & notification Off for both Japanese and French and haven’t gotten my email LingQ’s in a long time. They aren’t in Spam folder either.

@kimojima I subscribed you back to our email system and you should start receiving emails regularly again.

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Thanks for trying, but I still haven’t received any French or Japanese LingQ’s of the day. (Neither in regular Inbox or Spam)

@kimojima Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

Thank you for your help! The combined language LingQs of the Day email has been arriving steadily since Saturday and it’s quite nice; I’m enjoying the daily review and lesson suggestions.

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Hello. I’m currently having the same issue. I used to get daily notifications. I thought I wasn’t getting them because I lost my streak so I did some studying a few days ago but I’m still not getting them. Do I need to maintain a streak to get daily lingq’s? I only have the phone notification on but I haven’t gotten the notifications in over a week and I haven’t changed anything in my settings.

@thewildaly Should be fixed now.