Daily Lingqs not showing up on app

So everyday I’m getting my daily lingqs. When I open the app it shows todays date and says on the right side: 25 Cards.

When I click the date, only a few cards will load: somewhere between 5 and 15.

I’ve realized that the words that are not showing up are all words that have a rating of 4. They don’t have the check mark selected, they’ve just moved up to level 4.

This didn’t happen until the last update that I did, and according to the app store, I’m on the most recent version now.


Hi Shawncfer,
Can you check how many LingQs you have on the SRS (Due For Review) list on the Vocabulary Page? LingQs with status 4 will be sent for review every 30 days. Do you have enough LingQs created with status lower then 4?


I currently have 841 lingqs created with status of 1, 2, or 3.

I have 457 lingqs created with status 4, (but with no check mark, obviously).

These lingqs are just from the “due to review” section, not the “all lingqs” section.

Thanks a lot for additional informations. Are you using iOS app? If so, please let us know which iOS version you have installed on your device.

I have the same problem with the Android app - the daily lingqs just do not load. There’s an icon that indicates the lingqs are being loaded but they do not appear. I had to wait a while with he previous version of the app but in the end they were there. Now it just doesn’t work.

Currently using iOS 9.0.1.
Lingq version 3.5.3

And just to make sure we’re on the same page… I’m able to click on the card set and load the cards just fine. Except the app will only show me lingqs that have a rating of 3 or lower.

The lingqs that have a 4 rating are put into my daily liingqs still, they just wont show up on the flashcards in the app. If I do flash cards on the website, I can see all 25.

These lings have a 4 rating, but do NOT have a check mark.

To me this seems more like it was a designed feature, and not so much a bug. Like we were designed not to be able to see lingqs with a 4 rating. But if that were so, why are we getting lingqs with a 4 rating if lingq doesn’t want us to study them?

It’s designed so after reviewing them, over time they’ll be removed from the flashcards.
Something that I do when I don’t want a LingQ to change status (from 3 to 4), instead of pressing “Got It”, I press a number 1-3 on the status bar. That keeps the LingQ in the flashcard deck and still brings up the next card in the deck.

@nex_us Android bug with Daily LingQs should’ve be fixed few days ago. Can you please try to reinstall the app and check if it works?

Hey Kiran, I emailed this response to you, but I think it’s important the whole community is able to see this.

So my question is why am I getting lingqs with a 4 rating in my daily lingqs?

If I choose to receive 25 lingqs a day, that should mean I want to study 25 lingqs. Not the random number of lingqs that the app decides to show me.

If lingq thinks that cards with a 4 should not be seen, I think that is okay. But you have got to be consistent across the board instead of making me lose daily words to study.

Either only send me 25 lingqs with a rating of 3 or lower, or, change the system back so I can see flash cards with a 4 rating.

This wasn’t an issue until the last update.


I’ve done it. It works perfectly now. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

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@Shawncfer You are quite right in saying that if status 4 words are included in the Daily LingQs, they should show up on the app as well in the Daily LingQs. Contrary to what Kiran says, this is a bug and we will get it fixed. I’m not sure if this is a new bug or has always been there on the app. I assume because we limit flashcards in the lessons to status 1 to 3, this logic has been copied onto the Daily LingQs when it really shouldn’t have been. We will get this working correctly so it matches the functionality on the website. Sorry about that.