Daily LingQs Indicator

When logged into my account, I used to see an indication of new Daily LingQs in the little LingQ emblem next to my picture and username. Now that emblem always shows “0”, even when an unopened set of Daily LingQs appears in the list that pops up when I click on the emblem. (I still receive the email notification of my Daily LingQs.) Is there a way to restore the indicator to normal functioning?

Hi! The counter is reset each time you click on it. Notifications that are still new will have a grey highlight. It’s set to zero out the counter each time you open the notifications window, as we were having some issues where old notifications (say a month old) were not being seen without lots of scrolling, and therefore the notifications counter was permanently showing new notifications.

Hopefully this helps explain things a bit more clearly!

Okay. But my notifications counter never shows anything but zero.

I see, in that case I just posted a test message on your profile. This should appear as a new alert and should cause the number to increase to 1. Let me know if this works!

Yes, it did. Thanks!

OK, glad to hear it! Each time your LingQs of the Day email is sent, you should also see a “1” appear here (or a higher number if multiple new notifications have appeared). Let us know if you run into any other issues with this!

I did get the email and a new set of Daily LingQs, but the counter shows nothing, “0”.

OK, we’ll take a closer look into this and try to figure out what’s going on.

This problem persists. The notifications counter still doesn’t register new sets of Daily LingQs.

May I add my halfpennyworth?
You did say that you received your Daily LingQs. Just on the off-chance: have you had a look at your settings? I noticed there are two boxes to be clicked for Daily LingQs, the second one at the very bottom, before the save settings button.

Edited: If all else fails, have you thought of checking the little red light bulb? :wink:

Sorry for the trouble. It’s on our list but we haven’t yet had a chance to fix this. We should get to it hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for jumping in, SanneT. Yes, my settings seem to be in order.

No worries, Alex. Thanks.

The problem appears to be resolved. This morning I got the proper indication of my Daily LingQs. Thanks!

Yes :slight_smile: We just pushed some updates yesterday, and this fix was included in that list. Let us know if you notice any other issues with this!