Daily Lingq goal is not accurate on web-portal

“13” is displayed instead of “100”. In android app it is shown correctly.


Looks like it was fixed, or it fixed itself)

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Nope, it wasn’t. I do not particularly care, but today is a new bug here! It shows “43 hrs Remaining”! Looks like it doesn’t correctly display minutes only.

Thanks, we’ll take a look!


I’ve noticed “43 hrs remaining” etc happens when there’s less than an hour to midnight left for the daily lingQs goal. So the hours are just minutes left to midnight (at least in my case).

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This should be fixed now. Please let us know if you continue seeing issues here.

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Thanks for fixing “43 hours” problem. “/13” problem is still here.
edit: then again showing “/100”, I don’t know why it displays wrong number only sometimes.
edit2: it shows correct number if I click “Profile” link, but if I click “Lessons” link - it consistently shows “/13”.

It should be fixed. It works for me. You may have to refresh the page. If not, which browser are you using?

I use google chrome. Just try to click on the Lessons link on the upper left side of the portal. You will see “/13” there. I tried it on my windows PC and on android phone - all the same.
add: Opened the site in Internet Explorer … it is even worse there: it shows “04 hrs Remaining” if I click on Profile link, and it doesn’t display this frame at all on Lessons link. Somewhat unreliable.
add2: it’s a new day, page on Lessons link can display correct number when I have 0 words : “0/100”.

Can you try again now? We fixed one more thing now.

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Right now, having 100/100, I see the Daily Goal frame only on Profile page. It works correctly there, but this frame is no longer shown on Lessons page.
update 15 mins later: it seems working on Lessons page just fine.

Ok, give it another try now. Should hopefully be fixed.

Opened “Lessons” page, in new Incognito session, ans there is no Daily Goal frame on the page, only frame with last lessons I did. On “Profile” page 0/100 is correctly displayed.

Ahh… you’re in incognito mode. That is how the app behaves when you start as a new user. Once you open a lesson, the rest of the sidebar information will appear.

Here we go again, such info should be kept in the database, not in cookie file. Thank you for looking into the problem, if possible fix the fundamental problem - such user data should not be kept in cookie.