Daily LingQ emails

I very much like the LingQ system and want to use it to pick up some Spanish but just being curious I checked out some other languages just to check them out, not to learn them.

I now get daily lingqs in German, Spanish, french, Swedish, Portuguese and Swedish! I’ve deleted all my ‘lessons’ in every language except Spanish and this hasn’t stopped a plethora of languages finding their way into my inbox. The only thing I can find is to disable daily LingQ emails all together but I would like to keep receiving the Spanish ones.

Is there a way I can disable LingQ’s for individual languages?


Hi Dylan,

If you delete all your vocabulary in those languages you are not studying, you will no longer get the vocabulary emailed to you in the LingQs of the Day email. We will eventually enable individual languages to be turned on and off.


Most web based emails (yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc) have a filter feature which will send all emails with, say, the phrase “French LingQs of the Day” into the trash. You can always undo this later.

Problem solved.

Thank you very much!