Daily Goal vs. LingQ Count

Hi all,
first time poster. I’m sure this question will have been covered elsewhere but i’ve looked for ages and given up!
in the settings menu, i have a daily goal tab (which i’ve put at 13, the lowest) and a daily lingq count (for which the lowest possible is 25). I have been using lingq for a while but still don’t understand the difference. I thought it was only new linqs that were counted each day? Would very much appreciate some help, thanks in advance.

Hi Gretchin! Welcome to LingQ Forum!
Daily LingQs Goal - Number of LingQs you need to create per day, to maintain your streak. Streak represents number of days you have reached your Daily LingQs goal in a row.

Daily LingQs Count - Number of LingQs to be sent to you for review each day…

Hope this explains the difference!

Very helpful, thanks so much Zoran