"daily goal" setting not working

I’ve set the daily goal for russian to “driven” but in the bottom right corner, the progress stats still show the usual goals of 7 known words, 13 lingqs, and so on. What am I doing wrong?

Can you please check if your Daily Goal updated now? If not, please contact us on support(at)lingq.com for additional assistance.

the goals are still the same (7 known words, 13 lingqs, etc.), but I’ve just noticed that there is another panel with an apple, and inside the apple it says “daily lingq goal”. That goal is correct (100 lingqs a day).

Is this the way it should work, or is there a solution to also change the other panel with all the different goals?

I have the same thing, also the lingqs in the apple are diferent from the statistics box on the right panel.

Also the statistics i get on the profile page with the graphs on “last 7 days” shows diferent values than “last week” on the statistics box on the right , not sure if intended?

All good then! LingQs goal in the Apple is the one you set manually. The goal in Progress Snapshot is suggested Daily Goal and it never changes.

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