Daily Goal Alert

Recently I noticed that an alert started to pop up on the website when the daily LingQ goal was reached, and then again when it was doubled.

The goals and tracking on LingQ are a wonderful feature but while I’m studying I find this alert really disruptive (disruptive enough that it stopped me from studying and caused me to make my first forum post). I use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible but now I have to use my mouse to close this alert and it breaks my chain of thought.

I can’t find any way to disable this. Does anybody know of an option to remove it?

My suggestion would be to have this as a little pop up in an uninvasive part of the page that removes itself after a few seconds rather than having to be removed manually so that I can continue learning.


+1 for making it optional. It can be the default feature as it is, but we must have an option to disable it.

I agree! I don’t like to be interrupted by these childish popups!

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You can hit Escape to close it. I don’t know if it’s by design that Enter doesn’t close it?

Another option might be to make it smarter… The only users who “ought” to see this message are those who would not normally hit 13 or 26. If you’ve got a long-running streak, you know you need 13, and it’s actually bad to be told when precisely you’ve hit it.

Thanks for the Escape tip, I’m not sure why I didn’t think to try that.

Still would be nice to have it be less intrusive or completely disabled.

The second pop-up is completely unnecessary. If it is, why not a third, a fifth, and a tenth one saying it has been tripled, etc. It is startling every time. Once is enough, and you get disturbed twice!

Exactly my point of view.

I hate the popup(s) too.

I like the popups as this is my goal, but it would be convenient if the popup was smaller, it is quite jarring.

I was just thinking about this this morning. I wouldn’t mind the popup if it came up on the side of the screen somewhere and disappeared almost immediately. Like a little reminder to keep going, but not something that I have to click to get rid of (twice!). As it stands now it’s one of LingQ’s most annoying “features” in my opinion…

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Yes, good idea, especially if it wouldn’t steal keyboard focus.

That’s better than the idea I had that brought me back to this thread. If I could hit to dismiss it after it pops up in response to me having just hit to register a new link it would be easier than reaching for the key with my other hand that wasn’t even on the keyboard, much less already on the key.

I don’t oppose the idea of the notice. I think it can be motivating, even for those like me who don’t rely on arbitrary goals. The specifics of the interaction it requires – or doesn’t – can be improved. But there’s nothing wrong with an unobtrusive “atta boy!”.