Czech film favourites?

After an interval of some twenty-five years I have finally managed to see one of my all-time favourite films again. Screened only once by the BBC in 1982, its English title is “Soon I’ll wake up and scald myself with tea”. It’s a “Timetravelling twins stop Hitler getting the H-bomb” comedy, and was utterly memorable.

This has aroused in my a desire to watch more Czech films, subtitled, of course, because I don’t speak Czech. Where to start? Who can give me some suggestions?

If they’re all this good I may just have to learn Czech :wink:

Try this one. I like it a lot. It’s weird and crazy. - YouTube

Ahoj Skyblue!

IIRC you are learning Russian, right?

So I would really recommend this Czech/ Russian movie - “The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin”.

It’s a comedy movie (made in 1994), in Russian, of a Russian novel (by Vladimir Voinovich) by a Czech director.

It’s pretty hilarious…

You can watch the whole movie in Russian with English subtitles on Youtube:

EDIT: here’s a shortened link which I hope will work:

Thank you!

skyblueteapot: I like that movie too :slight_smile: I have to watch it again :slight_smile: I have transcribed a couple of parts of one Czech movie “Dívka na koštěti” (The girl on the broom-stick) on Rhinospike :slight_smile: One woman who is learning czech submited it there, so you can try to watch it :))
It is difficult to suggest you some movies if I do not know what you like :)…I do know that you like “Doctor Who” like myself and other series and movies similar to it (science fiction), but what else? :slight_smile:

Svatba upírů (Vampire wedding): Svatba upírů - YouTube
but there are many czech movies :))