Czech and Slovak

I was wondering about these two languages, since they are understood by one another. Would learning Czech be like learning Slovak?

have a look at the website: Czech–Slovak languages - Wikipedia

  • Linguistically, the Czech and Slovak languages form a language continuum, with the eastern Slovak dialects blending into the Rusyn language.

  • Czech exists in two forms (excluding local dialects): literary Czech and colloquial Czech. The standard Slovak language is closer to literary Czech, especially in phonology and morphology. The differences between parts of the vocabulary of some Slovak dialects are rather big, comparable to the differences between standard Slovak and Czech.

  • Czech months are of Slavic origin (e.g. Říjen), whereas the Slovak months are of Latin origin (e.g. Október).

  • Slovak uses the passive voice formed like in English less than Czech, and prefers the passive voice formed using the reflexive pronoun sa (like in Spanish language) instead.

  • Slovak grammar is somewhat more regular than the grammar of literary Czech, since present-day standard Slovak wasn’t codified until the 19th century

  • Slovak language has 6 morphological cases, Czech has 7 cases

  • Czech has the letter “Ř” which is difficult for many people :slight_smile:

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I’m about a B1 level in Czech and when I travel to Slovakia I can understand the gist of what they are saying. It’s strange as sometimes I undertand more because their speach is alot clearer than the Czechs, well at least the Prague people.

I’m actually in Montenegro now on Business and understand some of the speach here too plus I can make out some of the adverts.

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Good for you. Good luck with Czech. If you want to practise Czech, let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you for the Infomation. I hope I’ll get my slovak or czech to a speaking level, so I can speak with you.

Great, looking forward to speaking with you :slight_smile: