Currency of prices?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how much an annual subscription would cost me as a Canadian. It says $99 and I’m not sure if that’s in CAD or USD.

Hello! Welcome to LingQ.
All prices at LingQ are in US Dollar.

It ended up costing me $142 Canadian (different account), almost a 50% higher cost than advertised since they don’t make it clear that the $99 price is in USD. It’s disappointing that a Canadian company is misleading and charging Canadians in a foreign currency. Not feeling the love and I’m now regretting my purchase.

And this has nothing to do with you, I just wanted to vent.

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Sorry about that. We do have this note on our payment page.

We only show pricing in USD. We don’t do this to be misleading. It is just how our payment system is set up. We realize that people would rather see pricing in their local currency and are actually working on enabling our payment system to do this as we speak. Also, the difference in price is not just due to the currency conversion but also to the fact that Canadians have to pay GST/HST and PST in BC. As a Canadian company, we are required to charge tax to Canadians.