CSV Export of Chinese Words

I just signed up for Lingq premium. I would like a good CSV export functionality, as in my opinion the Lingq flash card system is quite poor at encouraging user engagement, and I prefer to use Memrise for learning new words.

I’d like to ask why Lingq formats the CSV export of word lists is in the current format. Is it suited to upload to any particular program?

In my view, the CSV file should have a comma between each information type.


The current csv export gives… 折服,“[[”“en”“, “”[ zhé fú ] subdue, bring into submission”“]]”,… 以及 对 中国 文化 的 深切 了解 令 许多 中国 人 折服 。

The current format has the following big problem:

  • it puts the pinyin together with the english, which is a huge!! If you want to look at the english to test yourself on the Chinese, you can’t avoid seeing the pinyin - ie. you can’t help but cheat. That’s bad for learning.
  • you get all the unnecessary and ugly “” [[ en formatting cluttering things up.

It would be great if the CSV export could be cleaned up to match the capitalised text above.

Lingq could also learn a lot from Memrise in terms of how its flashcard system works, as that would save me exporting in the first place, though I suppose that’s another story.

I just noticed this is a problem in the ‘multichoice’ study method within Lingq too. I was given 4 options to give the correct translation of a 4 character chinese word. But one of the answers (the correct one) had the pinyin in it! Ie. no brain work necessary. Huge flaw!