Cross-border Shopping and Rugby

Hello everybody, What means “threeish” in this sentence : Very rarely Jill and I have these disagreements, but honestly, I think few means two, but two or threeish. Is this a mistake ?

Hi, I’ve just listened to the paragraph and have added a little (don’t) to the sentence because Mark does not think few means two exactly…

Threeish is a word we use when we talk about an approximate number or time, etc. sliI’ll come around threeish = I’ll be there by three, a bit earlier or a bit later, perhaps.

I’ve also corrected “in the same vein”, there was a typo.

Hello SanneT,
How is it going ?
Thank you for your explanations I understood everthing :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.

You are very welcome. I am fine, thank you. You must be proud of your progress, those podcasts are Intermediate 2, aren’t they?

Yes, I made a little progress :slight_smile:
But I have to learn again a lot !