Is someone of you from Croatia?
I really would like to try to learn this language that sounds so good to me! Unfortunately I haven’t found Croatian on Lingq but perhaps we could start this beautiful language together.
Dobra večer!

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Hi, i’m from Croatia :slight_smile:
and i’m learning german so maybe we could help each other if you are interested

Hi there…
I must correct you,its says: " Dobro veče "

I wish you good luck in your study. Serbian,Bosnian,Croatian is very similiar,almost the same thing.

Hi Lisel! Unfortunately Serbo-Croatian isn’t available at LingQ at this moment, but we have lot of learners from Serbia and Croatia and I am sure that you will find help here!
Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be glad to answer!

Thank you, Alien! :slight_smile:
I don’t have any idea of these languages but I like them and hope that it won’t be too hard to get in touch with (one of) them. Today I met a woman who spoke in a language to her daughter that I never heard before. I was a bit curious and wanted to know what language she spoke so that I took heart and asked her and she told me it was Serbian! Besides the interesting language, she was a very nice person.
What would you say, can these languages be compared to other language families?
Until now I am used to Roman languages but now I fear that this won’t help me. What do you think?

“What would you say, can these languages be compared to other language families?”

I have been to Montenegro. As I know the language there is very close to Serbo-Croatian. I did not understand neither radio or TV. But there were no problems with understanding each other when I was speaking Russian and they were replying in their own language. I thought my Polish skills could help but they didn’t. I mean, Russian (or maybe Ukrainian) is closer to Serbo-Croatian than Polish.

Your welcome! That is a least i can do…

Serbian language belong to group who have call “Slavic language”. More precisely Serbian is on subgroup “South Slavic language”…

South Slavic group- Serbian,Croatian,Montenegrian,Bosnian,Slovenian,Macedonian,Bulgarian and old Slovenian.

You can find a little bit some similar word or expression in :Russian,Polish,Czech,Slovak because there are all belong in big group of Slavic language.

Serbian language is unique because we have two types of alphabets : Cyrillic (who calls- azbuka) and Latin (alphabet). Here you are some letters of serbian cyrillic : Б Ђ Ж Ш Њ Ф Г Ц Х З И Л П Ћ У Џ

Sincerely, I am not sure that your knowledge of Roman languages can help you but you never say never.
If you have very strong desire,everything is possible!

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Yeap,you are totally in right. The russian is the most similar language with serbian if you count that you look up for languages who doesn’t belong to the same group with serbian.

Thanks zoran!

Hi! Could Croation be added as a beta language? I was in Croatia last summer, and would have loved to learn some basic phrases before traveling. It is a very intreaging language!

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Modern Greek was added recently and at this moment, we don’t have any plans to add new languages to the site… but if anything changes about it, I’ll let you know!

Hi, I’m from Herzegovina. Croatian is the official language here, so I can help you. I must say it is very difficult language, because of its grammar. I’m here to improve my english, so this might be mutual assistance if you are interested. :slight_smile:
And, you wrote corectly “dobra večer” (good evening)!

Cyrillic AND Latin? Such a rich history in this area should bring about such things but I still find it totally fantastic.

So many things I learn here by accident (not just a language) that I would not learn elsewhere by design.

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I am glad to learn you something new and you like it!

Cyrillic is like symbol for Serbia and Croatia have Latin.

One king of Serbia have a big idea for create a big Yugoslavia (All South Slavic together),he was in love for that idea,he lived for Yugoslavia.
So,when he created Yugoslavia he says that everybody must read and learn both because he tried everybody feels equal. He gave the names of his children from all country (one had name from Serbia,second from Croatia,third from Slovenia…)

When Yugoslavia separated this rule stay in Serbia.