Croatian - text to speech (TTS) not working

I started learning Croatian a few days ago. The lesson audio plays well, but when I click on a LingQ I don’t hear anything.
It means that I have no TTS here. With other langauges like Spanish it works. I’m using Google Chrome (80.0.3987.149 official build 64-Bit) with Windows 10.
Any ideas ?


You are correct, seems like Croatian TTS doesn’t work at the moment. We will fix that.

Hi Zoran,

thank you for taking care of it. I hope that it works soon, because I can not check my procounciation without it.

Thank you very much! It’s working fine!

I have never been able to use TTS for Serbian. Since you have it for Croatian, can you add it for Serbian, too, please? Like Andreas, I am able to use TTS for Spanish (and other languages) but it has never worked in Serbian - and Serbian is the language I am most interested in right now. Would be a big help to be able to hear the words, and not just see them!

@covek We will fix Serbian TTS too during the weekend. Thanks for letting me know!

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Awesome! Hvala puno!