Croatian & Serbian

I’m having a lot of problems with creating lingqs in Serbian. It’s generally very buggy too and unusable for me. I can’t even open Croatian as its been saying that its ‘Generating lesson feed’ since you added both languages to the system. I know it will be fixed of course but I thought I’d make you guys aware. I’m eager to dive into the Balkans! haha


Hi Nicholas,
Sorry to hear that. What exactly happens when you try to create LingQs in Serbian?
Also, Croatian doesn’t have any content at the moment and that is why your feed can’t generate lessons, but you can import content and study it. Importing works properly for Croatian as for any other language.

Thanks for the heads up on Croatian. I’ll wait for the mini stories. As for Serbian, Around half the words will allow me to create a link and the rest won’t allow any translation option. I can only mark as known without a translation (No lingq creation). Thanks for the response.

Can you please let me know which words exactly in which lesson doesn’t allow you to create LingQs and I’ll look into that. Thanks.

So the issue has now changed. I can now add a definition to all words. However, the bug now is that I can only add a translation after clicking the target word , then another word, which, opens the dictionary in another window. Then I can add a translation once I come back to the mini story. Super confusing and super annoying as it takes forever to get through one mini story haha. Thanks, Zoran.

Strange, seems fine for me. I am creating LingQs normally as for any other language. What is your dictionary language? Can you please send a video example of what exactly happens for you when you click on a blue word?

So excited for Croatian and Serbian since I already speak both at a beginner level!

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hi, Zoran.
I sent you a Skype message with video attached a few days ago.
Let me know if you haven’t received it.
Regards, Nick.