Critical bug: Hints vanished

I noticed all my German hints are vanished when clicking on words, which I created LingQs before.
I set my dictionary language to English because I prefer to use English definitions, but sometimes I still create German hints. Those are all lost now.
You can reproduce this. Set the Language to English and create a German hint. Reopen the text and the Hint is gone. Too bad

Hi, Until now I was switching the dictionary language from spanish to English, It just helped me to go through some of the content where other users had already lingQed. (Im reading harry potter in german and is just much easier to do it with the dictionary in English) Until today I could see all my lingqes in the language that I selected when that lingq was done, but now it seems that if I choose English all my lingqs on spanish are empty (no definitions) and if I choose it on Spanish all the English lingq are also empty. Could you help me with that? I think is kind of helpful to have the option to change the language with out loosing the previous lingq. Its kind of difficult to explain…

I have the same problem, It would be nice if someone from lingq support team would confirm that the message is received.

Hi tzubpp,
Does the word stay yellow but the hint dissapear?

Hi swedishfinnfrancophile,
I am looking into it, thanks for letting us know.

yes. the word stay yellow. the German hints dissapear in english mode and vice versa .

OK, thanks. I’ll report that.

This issue has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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