Critical Bug Alert: Wrong New Words Count in Done Lesson

I was surprised to see a New Word % of 21% in a fully done lesson.

When I reopen the lesson, I cannot see any blue field.

So what is going on?

This is quite at the heart of LingQ and requires urgent attention.


Thanks for reporting. We will look into this.

I feel like I might have noticed this in the same or a similar story in Portuguese too so I don’t think it’s limited to Spanish.
Actually I correct myself, I think there’s a possibility new stories I opened are on yellow when I 4’ed them already but not absolutely sure…worth a look.

Hi Zoran,
Can you please review the message that I sent to you?
Thank you

I’ve had this happen too… only 1-2 words, but still annoying.

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I have the same problem. I started with serbian and have a bunch of words marked ‘not known’ even tho they are counted in my known words.

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@llearner Thanks, I saw your message. We are looking into this.

It looks like it is fixed now. Thanks for the great, rapid response!

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Have the same problem: It’s showing that there’s two new words, but it’s zero in every lesson (and i’ve scanned them for those words too, it’s definetally a bug)


And it happened yet again