Creative lessons for beginners

One of the great things about LingQ is the creativity of our lesson creators, especially in what they produce for beginners. I have always been impressed with the efforts of our established lesson creators for our supported languages, and now we are seeing new ideas and ways of introducing languages for our Beta languages. Check them all out, even if you are not planning to study right away. We can all get ideas from them, and a great thanks to them all. I was thinking of not learning any more languages, but now I am motivated to learn Arabic, Czech and Polish.

Hi Steve,

One day my daughter asked me to speak to my granddaughter, Liza, in English. She is 20 months old and she can say just few words. My daughter’s idea was Liza could listen and remember both English and Russian saying. But I figured out that I didn’t know how natives talked with their children, what phrases they used. Of course I could translate Russian expression of everyday talking but I was sure it would not be real English by many reasons.
My questions is if someone has already done something like this. Or maybe anybody is interested to start such a project. Let’s name it as ‘vocabulary for babies’ in a number of languages. I would take part for Russian one.

Best regards,