Creating your own lesson

Hi! I registered on website recently. I really like the idea of the site, because it basically do, what any computer program should do and in fact only thing which it can do - minimizing routine. I have already looked through many lessons, just marking familiar words, so soon i will be ready to do, what I should do here - learning new words. But here is a problem. Even now i feel that amount and variety of available lessons is insufficient for me. It is ok to read short articles, but it would be better if it was possibility to upload your own texts, without size limitation, and then use Lingq like an interface which allow you to sort and organize your vocabulary. So, am i right, that now there is no possibility to upload big texts? If yes, what are the limitations which are imposed on text size?

@Harbinger - You can actually import lessons of your own, either manually by clicking on Tasks > Import Lesson or by using our Import Bookmarklet. Here’s a post which explains further how to use the Import Bookmarklet:

The limit for each lesson is 10,000 words, so you shouldn’t have much trouble fitting your lessons within this limit :slight_smile: