Creating our own LingQs

Currently, is it possible to create our own LingQs? That is, if we want to add a LingQ for a word not found in an item in the library, is it possible to individually create a LingQ and have that word added to the vocabulary list? If this feature is available, how do you do it? And if not, what are your thoughts on making this kind of feature available? I just think that it would be great for us to add words that we found elsewhere and be able to review them by using the flashcards…

You can words and phrases (terms) in the Vocabulary page. You can add a term individually or you can add a list of terms at once. Let me know if you have any further questions on this.

“Currently, is it possible to create our own LingQs?”

Mouse over Lessons, find and click the Vocabulary link, look to the right of the screen for Add a Term (scroll down if you have to). Also investigate Add a List of Terms. Happy LingQ-ing!

I am beginning to use the “Add a List of Terms” feature. Is it possible to somehow tag these lists to differentiate (and later search) them from all other LingQs created in the more normal route through lessons, etc.?

You would have to individually tag them. On our list of things to do is to enable batch tagging in the Vocab section. I cannot say when we will get around to it.