Creating new lessons

Hi! :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it’s possible to share lessons we imported, asking native speakers to record audio files for the content proposed.
I mean, I import quite a lot of things for my Dutch studies, but I can rarely have an audio file with my lessons.
Maybe it would be nice if there was a system where some native-speakers users could record a file for a lesson imported by another user??

Or maybe would there simply be some people interested in doing such a thing, that could help to improve the depth of the library for some languages… ?
If you have French lessons with no audio-files, I would be glad to take a bit of time to record them for you to listen to.


If the texts of the lessons are copyrighted, we cannot publish them in the Library (and we can’t share any lessons without audio), but you can share them privately with other LingQ members with the “Share at LingQ” function or just copy and paste the texts and send them to a native speaker via e-mail or Skype.
I would also like if our Polish members could record some of my texts, but I know they are often busy…

There should be some handy way for learners to submit texts for recording by native speakers, whether for their own use or for sharing in the library.

In a way, the easiest is for a member to approach individual tutors in their target language and find one who will record something for them and then reward them with points. Remember you can transfer points to other members.

If a member pays the tutor points to record a text, and assuming that the text is free of copyright restrictions, then presumably that member is free to share it in the library and earn the points.

Good point, Steve! I would be glad to record my students texts in Italian, Latin and Esperanto,especially if I could get some points as a reward.