Creating lingq with numerals

Today I can;t create lingq with numbers… But several weeks ago I can.

Ok, I have a sentence 私 は 1984年 うまれ です. I want to create lingq 1984年 and as translation type せん きゅうひゃく はちじゅう よ ねん, because I am still mix up all Japanese numbers… But I can’t create 1984年, it is automatically cut to 年. Ok. I am clever enough to lingq “私 は 1984年” :))) But I have sentence with other year also, and the system does not allow “私 は xxxx年”, as I already has “私 は 1984年”! But when I was working on counters I was able to create a bunch of the same lingqs with numerals: like 1分, 2分, 3分… I want this function be back :)) I insist :slight_smile: Because Japanese numerals are rather complicated. The same 分 pronounce differently after 1 and 2…

Hi Rasana,

We think we have resolved this issue as well as the issues with the error messages. However, the system has to reindex all the content in the system in order for these changes to take effect. The reindexing has been happening since yesterday evening and should be complete in the next 3 hours or so. Please try again at that time and let us know if these problems persist.


Can you try this again now and let me know if you still have this problem.

Unfortunately, I still can’t create xxxx年 - it is automatically cut to 年.

That is a different issue, apparently. We will get this fixed soon.

Hi Rasana,

You should be able to create LingQs like this now.

Hi Mark,
I can create 26歳 from “26歳です。”
But I can’t create both 5月 and 4日 from “5月4日です” (it is cut to 月 and 日)
(Firefox 3.0.7)

BTW, I can’t see that my discussion sessions when I set my timezone back.
+5 GMT Tashkent and +5 GMT Yekaterinburg from this weekend has one hour difference, as this weekend we switch to summer daylight time in Russia. May it be the issue?

You mean you could see them in Tashkent time but not in Yekaterinburg time?