Creating known words

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the potentially newbie question but I was wondering how do known words get created. Until now i’ve just been manually putting words I know to 4, but will words automatically become known as I read them more?

No, you have to manually decide whether you known them or not, or how well you know them (stages 2-3).

The closest thing you can get to “automatic” is skipping over the blue words that you know you know (and haven’t lingqed). Then when you “complete” the lesson, it converts those remaining blue words to known.

The other possibility, which I personally hate as a default setting, is one where you can do this earlier in the lesson. Under settings, there is a box that says paging moves words to known, or similiar. basically, if you have blue words and then turn the page in a lesson, those blue words are automatically marked as known.

Thanks :slight_smile: I will keep doing as i’ve been doing and manually doing it then.

I think repeated success with a word when doing flashcard drills promotes it. I haven’t employed those drills in a very long time, however, and my memory may be off or things may have changed. I just manually promote as I encounter the words while reading. I for one do like the “paging moves to known” feature. You just need to mark unkown words before turning the page.

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Keep in mind that the final stage of Known is the blue check mark. Status 4 words will still have a black underline while Status √ has no underline. If I know a word, I just click the √.

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