Creating a new course

I’m having an issue when I try to create/import a new course. When I finish importing a new lesson I’m not being able to create/import a course for it, therefore the contents that were supposed to be well organized within it they get spread around. Thanks in advance.

Yes, and also you can’t import a lesson with audio file. Only importing text is working.

If you use this link you can create English lessons on this page: Login - LingQ

For other languages replace the “en” by the language code. I had this problem recently too. I think it is not easy to figure out how to create a couse now.

We are really sorry about this. This bug has been already reported and we are working on fix for it. Thanks for your patience and sorry for all troubles which are caused by this issue.

I don’t know if this is a known issue. Couldn’t find another thread quickly enough. There does not seem to be a link to collections/courses created by myself. There used to be one on the edit page of a lesson (go to course/collection). There I was able to manage my imported lessons and see how often they have been taken. The pages “My Imports” and “Import Lesson” don’t show such a link. I can only see my lessons in the library and have to open a lesson to get to the edit page. There is no other link visible to me.

I found Vera’s posts giving the link to collections (English and German respectively). By using one of these links I can access the list of courses that I have created including reports etc. Where is this link hidden, or rather why is it no longer displayed on the import or edit pages? It’s rather annoying to have to search for this information in the forum.

Yes, it’s quite difficult now to know how often this ot that my lesson was taken.
I can do it only pressinf ‘classic’, I didn’t find such a funktion ijn a new edition.
I understand that this functuion is not so important for the learners, but it’s important for the providers of any language. And I would like to know how I and other providers can find such an infornation.

It is not easy. Open a Lesson. Then open the editing of the lesson. In the top right corner click on the title of the course. Than on “Back to Import” in the top left corner.

Not easy to find and to figure out… Far from being intuitve…

Thanks Vera! But it is much more difficult as before.

Thank you! I don’t see the benefit of this change nor the benefits of the new interface if I have to use Classic view for everything apart from reading and listening. It’s much too confusing. You can handle it if you were familiar with the old interface, but hardly if you are a new LingQ user.

Hi Alleray,
When you are on the Lesson Library page, select My Lessons tab and then under “Show advanced filters” on the right select “Show Imports Only” and confirm on Apply. Hope this helps.