Creating a lingq from a single word within a lingqed phrase

I lingqed a phrase which happened to also contain a blue word.

Now I can’t seem to get at the blue word in order to LingQ it. The word appears only once in the lesson, so I cannot lingq it anywhere else.

How do I get at it?

If I click on the saved phrase I see it in the right hand information pane. There the unsaved blue word is still blue and and I can save it there.

On a related subject, once I save a phrase which contains a saved yellow word, I no longer see the yellow word that I previously saved. However I can look it up on my yellow list of saved LingQs and click on it to open it.

Ah, you mean by clicking on the New Words button in the information pane.

Now I understand.

@odiernod - If you click on the LingQed phrase you will now see any highlighted words from that phrase on the LingQ itself in the dashboard. Hovering on blue or yellow words there shows the respective popups for this word. There is still some work to be done here in terms of checking the dictionary, however, if you choose a user hint it works fine. For now, you will need to choose a user hint/google hint, then hover on the yellow word and click to edit it, in order to check dictionaries and create your own hint.