Creating a Lesson, Getting an audio from native speaker

I created a lesson “North Wind and Sun” including text, translation, graphic, notes, audio. However, I thought it would be better to get audio from a native speaker, so I put out a request. It got done (thank you kind Korean!). Then I scratched my head how to put that audio on my existing lesson.

In the end, I got a second lesson with the text and audio. That isn’t what I wanted. Is there a way to take the audio made and put it on an existing lesson?

Did you hit “import as lesson” on your request?

Yes, I hit import as lesson. That is how I ended up with 2 lessons,

  1. one with everything I want except the new audio, and
  2. one with new audio and the text I asked to be recorded in Korean.

If I am understanding correctly, it means that I have to prepare the text, request an audio, and them build from that imported lesson as the only way I can get a member recorded audio into a lesson.

As far as I know; that is correct.

The easiest thing to do would be to go to the lesson you imported from the exchange, download that audio to your computer, then turn around and go to the lesson you had originally created and then edit it and upload the audio to it.

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