Creating a classroom to share a private lesson

My ultimate goal is to be able to share private lessons that I have imported with friends who are using LingQ.

Searching the forums I see that it is possible for a tutor to share private lessons with students, and that historically there is some sort of Classroom feature, but I cannot figure out how to access these features. I’ve made myself a tutor in Italian on my profile page, but that doesn’t seem to have changed the options available to me.

I don’t care about actually booking lessons. I just want to be able to somehow have other Lingq users as my private students so that I can share lessons with them.

Is this possible? If so, can someone give me a step-by-step guide to getting there?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, under the Groups at the top, you can create the Classroom, invite friends to join the Classroom, and then you will be able to import content and share it with your Classroom only. Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions.

I’m sorry if I’m being dense about this, but I can’t find “Groups” anywhere. I’m using Lingq in Brave on Linux. On the bar at the top of the page I have the options: “Lessons, Tutors, Community.”

On the Lessons “tab” the next rank of headings I have is: "Library, Playlists, Vocabulary:

On the Tutors “tab” I have “Tutors, My Activities”

On the Community “tab” I have “Forum, Challenges, Writing Exchange, My Profile, Contribute.”

I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked through all of these things multiple times, so I’m afraid the answer is going to be embarrassingly obvious, but I still can’t find “Groups.”

Give it a try with this direct URL: Login - LingQ

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Yes! I’ve created a classroom, invited some friends, and now I have the “Groups” tab at the top of my web page. Thank you.

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