Create LingQs Quickly, Videos, Translations, Text-to-Speech

Lesson Resources, Quick LingQ

We are pleased to launch a major new upgrade to the Lesson page.

You’ll immediately notice a new tabbed window on the right side of the lesson page. The Tasks tab shows the Task List, of course.
This is a better way to access your tasks.

In the next tab, the feature that we’re most proud of is our new Quick LingQ which reloads the page and shows all of your blue words in a list or Quick LingQ View. This view allows you to more efficiently create LingQs and/or make words Known. Of course, you can still click the I Know All button at any time to make all remaining words Known. You will notice that when you are looking at the Quick LingQ list the text of the lesson does not have any highlighting. You are therefore able to copy and paste from the text while using Quick LingQ which will make many of you happy we’re sure! Returning to the standard view is as simple as clicking the link on the left of the page.

The third tab, Resources, lists notes and comments about the lesson, video tutorials (if available), translations (if available), and script conversions (if available) for the lesson. There is a corresponding place on the edit lesson page in the Advanced Settings area where Youtube videos, translation texts and script conversions can be entered by the content provider or editor. There may not be many resources implemented right away but we will be adding resources once this feature is up and we hope those of you who share content will do the same for your lessons and those of you who are editors will do the same as well. Again, let us know if you would like to be an editor in any language so you can start adding resources.

Clicking on the Share tab will allow you to email the lesson or share it via Facebook or Twitter.

Text-to-Speech on Flashcards

You will also now notice the addition of text-to-speech on the flashcards. Click on the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. Enjoy this much requested feature! Unfortunately, this functionality is not yet available for Asian languages.

Import Resources, Friends’ Activities

Finally, we have added a place on the Import page where we will be listing good sites for finding imported content. We will be adding resources to this list over time and we need your help in finding the best sites. Click on the “Suggest a new resource” link to let us know your favourite sites. The idea is to help all members easily access good sites to import content from, to take advantage of the powerful Import feature.

Finally, we have also added paging on the Friends Activities list and we will be adding the same thing to the Blogs list shortly.

Whew! That’s quite a few changes and we haven’t listed all the minor fixes. We think these are some significant improvements but we need to hear from you, of course. Tell us what you think!

You beat me by a minute! Looks great, love the quick links, can’t wait to try it on the computer. It’s still nice on the iPhone. It doesn’t show all the lingqs, but as you add a lingq, the column moves up to show the next one.

Thank you for the great upgrade at LingQ.

The new tabbed window on the lesson page is easier for the newcomers to understand what to do at LingQ, especially Quick LingQ. When I clicked the third tub, Resources, I can’t see the +Add Comment button there with my regular browser FireFox 3.6.10.
When I try it with IE8 or Chrome on WinXP, I can see that button.

Text-to-Speech on Flashcard is great function. It works well with IE or Chrome, but It doesn’t work with FireFox. I can see the speaker icon, but even if I click it, there is no sound.
If you can add the short cut key for this text-to speech, it would be easy to use.

You mentioned about “Suggest a new resource” link on Import page. I can’t find the link on Import page, where is it?

Anyway, thank you again for the great work!

Thank you for all your hard work.
What do you mean by “Script conversion”?

It looks really nice!
However, I’ve tried to insert a link to a video from YouTube in one of my created lessons, and I seems it doesn’t work.
I clicked in Advanced settings and I went to video and pasted the link. When clicking Save it says that “Translation” field is required. I don’t understand what this is, but I just writed some words, and it says ok, but then when openning the lesson, I can see what I have written under Resources, but I can’t see the video link.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for this great step forwand!

But: Within the method to create LingQs, the external dictionary window dimension and position is reset to default dimension/position. This is not the case within the old way. Please keep the window id the same so that a dictionary window (with changed position/dimension) is reused! Thank you!

Sorry, in my last post are some mistakes… It should be:

Within the new method to create LingQs, the external dictionary window dimension and position is reset to the default dimension/position every time I call the external dictionary.
This is not the case within the old way.
Please keep the window-id the same, so that an open dictionary window (with changed position/dimension) is reused! Thank you!

I don’t know if this has something to do with the new interfase or functions but when trying to creata a lingq from to words, it turns blue, but when clicking New Hint nothing happens. I’ve tried in Firefox, Safari and Explorer!

I can see this upgrade is going to be something I will appreciate very much!

I do find the same as someone noted above, however. No sound in the text to voice function. I use Firefox.

I like new features very much :slight_smile:

I tried to add notes and it worked perfect for

(I added both video and English translation)

But I can’t add Japanese translation for this lesson:

(In fact lesson saved without any errors, and when I open it to edit I see Japanese translation under resources, but it is not reflected at lesson page)

first link: Login - LingQ

I changed the language of translation to English and it worked :)) But it is Japanese in fact.
Also I added the Russian translation to related Japanese lesson — the translation, labelled as Russian, is not shown too

I can no longer create LingQs for phrases. Bug or new user feature?

I can’t get text-to-speech to work for Russian - does it count as an Asiatic language?

And I had to search for the no of times read / listened to. I would have made that more prominent personally.

Can’t wait until they have text-to speech up for asian languages.

Thanks a lot for text-to-speech! That is what I’ve been waiting for. Learning could be faster and more efficient now. And I also can’t wait for text-to speech for Asian languages.