Create an audio for Sherlock Holmes in Japanese?

I’ve found the Holmes stories in Japanese but am having trouble finding the audio to go with it. The stories seem to be in the public domain. So, is it okay for me to ask someone read them for me?

@Yotsuba - I’m not sure what the copyright laws are, but I think you can make audio recordings of any text whether or not it is copyrighted.


I googled the audio of the Holmes storied in Japanese and found a good voice blog.
Here is the link.

This is one of the Homes storeis. His voice and reading sound professional.
Here is the link of text version in Aozora bunko.

I hope you like it.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: I think I’ll ask someone to do the ‘Six Napoleon’ story for me as this is the one I’m ‘reading’. However, Nobuo, the links above are great. I don’t remember reading this story so I will also really enjoy discovering it in Japanese :slight_smile: I’m now busy putting the lessons together
Thanks again

Is the style in modern spoken Japanese, or a little older sounding? Curious as Sherlock Holmes stuff is a bit older English-ish sometimes.

I can say the style is in modern spoken Japanese. The narrator says few old-fashioned terms, but not many.

I’ve just put in a request asking someone to do an audio for the first part. It is quite a long story so I thought I would divide it up to make it easier. I do read a lot of Japanese texts but it was also just nice to read one of my favourite English writers in Japanese. As I’m a school teacher I thought it would be also fun to read ‘Harry Potter’ in Japanese too - I started the first book a few nights ago. The difficulty I have with Japanese novels for an older audience is the lack of furigana; I sometimes struggle with some of the Kanji. :frowning: I think I’ll look out for more stories in the public domain to use in lessons.