Create a Lingq group on Facebook

I’d like to know what is your opinion about to create a group of our Lingq community on Facebook?

Hi Ruthie,

Creating a LingQ Community on Facebook is a good idea. In the future we would like to build a LingQ Facebook application.

We are building a social interaction module on LingQ which we hope to have ready in January. We will be integrating blogs from all blogging sites into our community but Facebook profiles will not be included in our LingQ community because these are not publicly accessible.

For those of you looking to join a community now, you can take a look at our new community on Ning here, We’ve just been experimenting with this so far but it looks good. Let us know how you like it.

Some of you who were members of our “The Linguist Community” on Vox ( will be able to integrate your Vox blogs into our new community as well.

Hi Mark,
I didn’t know about I like this system. Super! It’s a good tool to offer a space to interact.
Sounds good that you guys have many ideas to create a solid community.
I’d still think that facebook can help us to spread the word! It would allow for LingQ to be known.
I talked with Steve about that, and I will let you know when Lingq group on facebook has been created.

As I promised I have just created the Lingq Group on Facebook. So I want to invite everyone to join us. You can find it under “Learning languages online”.
We expect great support from our members to join it and to help us find new members. We will use this group for discussion, LINGQ news, and getting together with other friendly learners.

Hello ruthieb,
thanks for your initiative only I cannot find this group. I was on - but there is no group. Can you help me?

Hi Irene,

Here’s the link to the group on Facebook ~ Facebook Public Group | Facebook

You have to register first, though.

Hi Chris,
I did not but I will do this :slight_smile: - Thanks