Create a course from imported contents


I have a question about imported contents.

Is it possible to create a course out of lessons after importing each of them?

Thank you.

Yes, because you can move lessons to a new course.

Here is how I would do it. Go to the ‘Edit Lesson’ page of the first lesson that you want to make part of the new course (for example, from the reading interface for that lesson, click on the gear at the top near the middle, and then ‘Edit Lesson’). Then on the Edit Lesson page, you a drop down menu next to the word ‘Course:’. If the course you want to add the lesson to already exists, then just select the course from the list. If it does not exist, then click the little + sign to make a new course. After that’s done, just click ‘Save’ at the bottom and the lesson is added. You can then just go through all the lessons you want to add to this course and add them in the same way.

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I could do it! Thank you, ColinJohnstone. :slight_smile: