Courses that I have to import?

Hello fellow learners,

I have come across a course that I’m interested in, but it shows lessons as [Import+] - when I click on it, it just shows me instructions. If I click continue, nothing happens.

How do I add that course to my learning?

See screenshots for details.

What browser are you using? Do you have LingQ Importer Extension installed?

I’m using Chrome, and yes, I do have the extension. However, this doesn’t work, just nothing happens. I have used the extension before so I know the extension is fine.

Any ideas?

Hello @zoran, any news on that? Still a problem for me.

Hello there, it is working fine on my end. Have you tried clearing your cache?

Thanks, cool it works fine for you. It doesn’t for me, and neither some other courses (not to mention how hard it is to find anything suitable…). I have performed the basic troubleshooting of clearing cookies and cache, changing browsers and trying in incognito, and I’m not able to listen to these episodes at all. It’s also frustrating not having any support on this…

Here is the link to this particular course: Login - LingQ

Yes, I have cleared my browser, and also tried another one, but still some courses still ask me to import lessons :frowning:

Hello! Yes, I have tried that, and I tried Incognito and I tried another browser as well, and it doesn’t help, no. Still cannot use this. It’s one of the good ones, lots of episodes! Damn…