Courses omitted from course selection options in quick import

Can you tell me how to make a course appear on the course selection list on “Quick import” screen? I used to import news articles to a course on Android but now all the courses disappeared from the list except for “Quick Imports” course. Please tell me how to bring the course to the list option again. Here is the image.

That is a bug and will be fixed in the next app update. Just make sure to update the app to the latest version once it’s released.

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I have updated the app today 2022 November 25th but the problem still persists. The problem first happened when I logged out of the app and logged in again. There was no other course than the “Quick Imports” course appeared in the course list for the quick import screen. I wasn’t able to select the course I wanted to import the lessons to. This is quick import feature on LingQ app for Android. Please fix the problem, I’m in need of it.