Courses Disappearing and Reappearing Moment to Moment

Courses keep disappearing and reappearing moment to moment in the library. It’s a pain in the ass to not be able to find the one you want and have it appear latter. The number of courses at the bounces around to reflect it as well. Please fix this issue shouldn’t be hard.


What you mean by disappearing and reappearing, are you saying that sometimes you can find them if you search for them and sometimes not? Or do they just disappear after they are already listed on the screen? Can you send us a video of that issue to support(at) Thanks.

I just experienced the same problem today! I don’t know how we could make a video of it. I was surprised to find that my course was not there. I went into another tab on the same browser, and it was there. This evening it fluctuated. Sometimes the course (1 of 4 I have) was present, sometimes it was not.

Just happened again. I have screenshots of the two tabs, which I’ll send to the support.

I noticed that there are courses that appear in the feed, but which I can’t find among the courses.

Thanks @jamesrothering and @Car2017 I will investigate it further and report to our development team. We will fix it.