Courses and time slots

I just had a look at courses in a few languages and found that I can only see time slots for one day in advance. As an example, Rasana’s “Simple Dialogues - Простые диалоги” are available only on Fridays (starting tomorrow)
April 02 - April 23 (Friday). If I check it tomorrow, I’m pretty sure that Saturdays willl show up…

It seems as if I should be able to scroll the window, but I can’t. I’ve tried IE 8 and Firefox (just downloaded the latest version).

Any thoughts?

I agree that this is an issue. Mark will have a look at it later. He is traveling right now.

Thanks, Steve.

It’s not a major problem, since the tutors usually host regular conversation slots (in which case I can book a few in advance and agree on a topic).

Happy Easter!

I spoke to Mark. The courses are confusing and we are thinking of just eliminating them. Most people just sign up for individual discussions.

Sorry about that, Jeff. We will get that fixed.


That issue with the course times should now be resolved. Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks, Mark!