Course creation

It is impossible to create a course. When I click “+” to add a new course, the window appears but nothing happens when I click the Save button. I need to close the top right “x” button but the drop down list does not have the new course.
By the way, it’s impossible to create a new provider: there is neither “+” link nor “add new” item in the drop down list (as it was a year ago).

You’re right! I could import & save a private lesson just then, but not make a new course like I did earlier this week. The “+” opens but won’t save, just as you said. I hope they get this fixed soon, because I don’t want 30 loose book chapters!

Sorry about this. We will look into it and figure out what is happening here.

Yay! The ‘Create new course’ is working!

Yup :slight_smile: Let us know if you run into any other issues!