Course browsing options

Using another account, I was trying to find courses I’ve shared, and found that they could be brought up by submitting a blank search query (on the Library tab). I’m not sure if users would normally think to do that. There doesn’t seem to be a general course browser, just the topic options like Entertainment and Sports. So if I want courses to show up there, what should I do? Just add terms like “Entertainment” as tags to everything?

Since Indonesian is getting its own slot I would consider copying over my Indonesian courses from Malay. But I would like to know that the courses can be found…

Hi Miznia,
That’s correct, just make sure to add appropriate tags and course will appear on the list and can be searched for in its category.
Users can search for your imported lessons on the Lesson Feed tab.

But how do you set the category? Can the sharer do that? It doesn’t appear that adding “Entertainment” as a tag works.