I just have clicked one time on the (increase) button “Listening”
Before I clicked the system had counted:

Reading: 0
Listening: 2

After the click:
Reading: 3
Listening: 7

I had expected both to go up for 1 because it always had worked that way when I had clicked after the actualisation of the statistics. But that seemes to be a little strange…

Everything seems fine for me. What browser are you using?

I am using Opera.

After my post it happened again. I had the counters both on 4 when I went back to the lession menue. After opening the same lession again the counters both were on 0. After clicking they jumped to 7 and 4.

This never has happened before.

Well…I don’t know why that is but I can’t recreate the problem on FF, Safari or IE. It could be your browser since we don’t support Opera. However, I think most of the site works fine on Opera so it is strange.

I’m on firefox and I find the reading counter goes from 0 to 2 with just one click. If I then click on the -1 button I can get it back down to 1. However when I return to the course overview page the little green status bar shows the article to have been read twice.

There is a bug on the lesson page that makes it seem that you are advancing the counter from 0 to 2. In fact, when you click the Update button the reading counter automatically advances from 0 to 1 but this doesn’t show until you refresh the page. When you click the up arrow it does refresh and therefore changes to 2. If you don’t click the up arrow and refresh or go to the Lessons list without clicking the up arrow, you will see that you have been credited with one read of the text. The green status on the Lessons or Course Overview page does not indicate the number of times read but rather the number of the 5 steps that are complete.

Thank you very much for your efforts so far, Mark.

Yes, it might be a browser problem. For this reason I will use these buttons only with FF within the next time to see weather the problem emerges also with another browser. If so I will let you know.

By the way: I’m really impressed by what you have developed here and about the possibilities LingQ offers to it’s user. I also have some experience with programming of websites and I can imagine how much work the whole thing here required and still requires. And to have all of this free of charge is almost bewildering. I really have no idea how this is possible, and yet you obviously make it possible.

So thank you very much indeed for the whole thing.

Well…you’re welcome! Regarding it being a lot of work, you are correct. It has been and continues to be a huge undertaking. As far as being free, we expect that most serious users will want to upgrade at some point to paying membership.

I think to pay $10 at least would be fair to honor what the programmers here are doing.

After that you have not to look for the number of words and you can save how many words you want to.

Irene is absolutely right and so I will (soon). Is it possible to give the credit card information on the phone because I would prever not to transmit them over the internet, even not over a https connection.


We would be happy to take your order over the phone anytime. Our phone number is 1-604-925-9544 or you can call me on Skype.

Regarding the security of using your credit card on our system, this should not be a concern. Our credit card payment provider is a division of the biggest two banks in Canada and there has never been an issue. Not to mention the fact, that you are not responsible for any charges incurred on your credit card if you have not lost your physical card.

A good idea Carsten.

My feeling it is better too when I bring a lot of questions here and get answers so fast.