Count it as known or ignore it?


Im reading a lot in arabic and I frequently see words wich are combined with the word ,and“.
For example: walking & and walking. It seems that it is just combined in arabic but in my opinion ,and walking“ is not a new word but rather just ,and“ and ,walking“. I just trash these words. Or should I actually count them as known?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know arabic but if the word is combined it is counted as a word. In German there are many but they all represent individual words. It is a possible variation of the word itself, so for LingQ represents an individual word and it should be counted. Known words in LingQ don’t represent root words or other types of unique words but all the combinations you can have with any single word, as long as they appear as blue words.

That just means that instead of having a 90% comprehension with 30k known words for one language, you might need 40k known words for another and 50k known words for another one.

So, don’t worry about it, don’t overthinking it, just keep reading. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response!

I found a website with all the word froms for ‘‘to love’’ in arabic and it does not show the combination with and, although i see it very often on LingQ.

the website: أحب [ʾaḥabba] conjugation in Arabic in all forms |

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